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Known as My-My, Maria Myraine is a major contributor to the media sector and entertainment industry as a whole.  A graduate of St. John's University with a B.S. in 2011, she took her opportunity of working with the university paper, The Torch, and turned into a venture of her own blog which quickly caught a wave sparking her passion for music journalism. Landing internships with Global Grind, Brooklyn Bodega, and various advertising/media marketing agencies My My become one of the more sought after bloggers before upgrading to the position of Staff Writer for the famed Hip Hop DX brand.


Her penchant for covering Hip Hop in its essence be it attending shows or other events, she played a role in renewing the relationship between the culture and popular media outlets.  


Networking with a diverse group of artists on the indie scene she became a vehicle through which the underdogs received a voice on major platforms.  Bridging the gap through her provision of social media strategy, press release writing, and placement she had launched a foray into Public Relations. 


Now recognized as one of the go-to-publicists, her start with Detroit based Hip Hop group Clear Soul Forces is a benchmark she never forgets. 


"At this point, I felt like I was on my way. Upon generating press for them, inquiries from more artists started rolling in."

In recent times My My has used her visibility to dabble in hosting, radio, and modeling she continues to perfect her skillset refining her career and advancing effortlessly.  


"I experienced tragedy about a decade ago having been involved in a serious car accident which left me in a coma. I have been in GO mode ever since motivated by this second chance at life that I have been blessed with."



Taking modeling opportunities more seriously than in the past, her brand continues to grow and with that has come more opportunity to showcase her well-rounded resume. 





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