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Written By: Truly Sincere 

Plenty of phrases have been used to describe Bianca Banks, everything from beautiful too bold and Brilliant. She is a bright entrepreneur: “Boss Lady.” (Or if you’re being casual, Boss Babe may work too.) One of the stars of BravoTV’s “Invite Only Cabo” created a legion of fans who love everything about how she can run a company as CEO and have a similar role running a family as a single mom – and look good doing it all. The outspoken and colorful Bianca Banks has taken the visibility from the show to elevate herself and some of the social causes she champions, such as homelessness, addiction, and combating domestic violence. She recently launched a podcast with her daughter, The MND Show, where they try to inspire others to do well in life, whether it’s parenting, working, or helping their communities. A recent Forbes piece calls it “a podcast that offers a platform.” Her daughter, Jasmine Shannon, is a professional dancer and choreographer. Together, their production offers a message of hope, encouragement, and even education to all listeners, especially women of color trying to make it in the world feeling overwhelmed with business, with family, and all the other pressures. They’ve already proven ready to go deep on issues and tackle tough topics that other podcasters may avoid, everything from the Black Lives Matter movement to presidential politics to domestic violence. They also make it a point that it’s not all about them – it’s about the audience, who is always invited to call in and contribute their takes on a particular topic.


You can stay connected with her on social media

@itsbiancabanks and @mndshow.

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