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A true talent in the hands of one with passion and love for music will never fall short of creating a masterpiece.

By: Natprivalova

Cleveland’s very own, Avant; songwriter, producer, and label owner of MO-B Entertainment, has yet again brought to life a timeless classic for fans worldwide. The young prodigy, growing from being the first artist on Magic Johnson's record label to now managing his label and brand, has continued to soar to heights many only dreams of flying. After consistently putting out hit after hits, Avant has achieved one of the biggest accomplishments in today's music industry, with his catalog being streamed over 1.8 Billion times on Pandora.

Others may slow down, but Avant is as dedicated to the craft as they come. He has teamed up with producer Travis Sayles of Dark Child Productions to once again give birth to something extraordinary with Avant's songwriting and lead vocals. The result is the masterpiece known as "Can We Fall In Love.” An open-letter with raw honesty and intensity; authentic and soulful music that embodies the true essence of hip-hop and R&B. It is rooted in the core values that Avant cherishes. Love, relationships, family; reminiscent of ballads that were the cornerstone of bringing Black families together. An album that is more than the usual monotone music that lacks the depth and emotion it once held. It’s a breath of fresh air that cleanses the soul, reiterating that with love, all issues are set on the path to finding peace and resolution.

With "Can We Fall In Love" Avant adds a new collection to his already extensive list of hits that appeal to cross-generational audiences. His talent is showcased time and time again with every release. The legendary singer, Charlie Wilson, once spoke of the importance of creating music with a soul yet being evergreen, and Avant has embellished his advice in his music.


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