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Capture A Vintage Essence

‘Lose It All’, is one of countless examples that showcase how Dunn’s authenticity and musicality interact to create art. The title manifested from the idea that something or someone one treasures can be lost forever in just a moment. Antoine gained inspiration from the narrative that a person’s ego can lead them down a path of loneliness. Dunn is thankful to his music video’s leading lady, Erynn Dickerson, who evoked intense emotion that he needed for the visual’s proper execution. The singer wanted to capture a vintage essence and channel a 90s aesthetic when directing each shot from receiving an ominous text in a shower to the cascading shoreline. Yet underneath the sleek camera shots and Dunn’s soaring vocals is a song that started with beats from a kickdrum and a snare, and tapping into his emotions. 

‘Lose It All’ is one of many glimpses into Dunn’s soul in his new album, ‘Everything’. Dunn’s vulnerability is powerful and deliberate in his work down to the title of his album. “I call the album ‘Everything’ because it’s everything that I am...there’s songs about joy and happiness, songs about lacking clarity, songs that represent every part of my journey up until this point” 

‘Lose It All’ is available on all digital streaming platforms including Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music. Currently, Dunn is looking forward to the holiday season, but also bountiful bookings in 2022. He is represented by Harvey Marie Records who is accepting requests for gigs on behalf of the talented musician. Antoine Dunn can be followed on his Twitter (@antoinedunn) and Instagram as well as Facebook (@iamantoinedunn). 



Antoine Dunn
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