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A well-respected entrepreneur, on-air personality and philanthropist. located in the city of Houston, Al Rucker is at the helm of a variety of successful ventures. Dolce Ultra Lounge is a premier nightlife venue, Dolce Catering is a must-have for a true foodie, Rucker Advertising has commanded many premium campaigns and Midtown Bail Bonds is at the top of the list for go to entities. Recently Al has added to his repertoire a men's clothing and accessory store, Hattitude which has once again bolstered his portfolio and added to his legacy. As the host of the Al Rucker Show, he has pushed the needle on radio journalism with syndication in over 20 markets nationwide. His Al Rucker Foundation has sound partnerships that further the mission of uplifting and empowering youth within the community. Through and through Al Rucker is a leader among men, a giant in entrepreneurship and a well-rounded brother whom you must know. To help you, check out our exclusive interview below:





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